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Activsoft.Engine.XslFilter Namespace
The Activsoft.Engine.XslFilter contains the xsl filtering system. The goal of this system is to extend xslt with domain specific tags: translation, user interface components, etc. It uses the possibility offered by the XmlResolver class to override the standard file loading mechanism; filters are registered through the xslfilter configuration section, and executed in sequence when the xslt files are loaded.
Public classHttpParameters
Instances of this class are used by the XslFilterTransformGenerator to store the parameters defining the compiled version if the xslt stylesheet. The xsl filtering system will create as many resulting stylesheets as there are parameter combinations.
Public classXslFilterSection
Public classXslFilterTransformGenerator
Public classXslFilterTransformGeneratorXmlFilterResolver
Public interfaceIXslFilter
Defines a class that can filter an XSLT file to transform custom tags into XSLT tags.