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Activsoft.Engine.Db Namespace
The Activsoft.Engine.Db namespace builds a higher level infrastructure to access relational databases on ADO.NET, with the following features:
  • a lightweight database abstraction layer built upon the ADO.NET interfaces
  • the SqlStatement class to build programmatically SQL requests by hiding the specificities of the underlying database
  • a parser to build parameterized SQL requests with optional zones
  • generic SQL to XML extractors and actions
Public classAbstractDatabaseAbstracter
Base class for all database abstracters. It implements the following functions: When you derive from this class, you must implement the following members:
Public classDatabaseAbstracterFactory
Base class to create a IDatabaseAbstracterFactory.
Public classSqlEndExclusion
Public classSqlEndString
Public classSqlParameter
Public classSqlStartExclusion
Public classSqlStartString
Public classSqlStatement
Public classSqlText
Public classSqlToken
Public classStandardExtractor
Public classStandardExtractorFactory
Public classStandardRecordAction
Public classStandardRecordActionFactory
Public classXmlRequestProvider
Public classXmlRequestProviderTemplateConfigurationCollection
Public classXmlRequestProviderTemplateConfigurationElement
Public structureUnblobConfig
Public interfaceIDatabaseAbstracter
Defines a class providing a generic access to a SQL database.
Public interfaceIDatabaseAbstracterFactory
The factory interface for IDatabaseAbstracter. Implementing classes must inherit from ConfigurationSection in order to be declared in the application's configuration file.