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Version 6 is tightly integrated with .NET's configuration system. A .NET configuration file is composed of two parts:

  • section definitions under the configSections tag, with a name and a type to load the section

  • section implementations, one per name declared in the configSections tag

There are three different items to look for in the configuration:

  • the activsoft.engine section to define handlers and the parameter loader

  • the factory sections (actions, extractors, database abstraction, etc.) which are used in the activsoft.engine section by reference

  • the standard sections defined by the platform in which elements must be configured for the engine to work (system.web/httpModules or system.web/httpHandlers)

In this section
<activsoft.engine> Element

Describes the main engine section to register handlers and defining the parameter loader

factory elements

Describes all the factories predefined in the engine

standard sections configuration

Describes all the configuration to be done in the standard .NET sections for the engine to work